The Systems Analysis and Architecture Laboratory (LAAS-CNRS) is a CNRS proprietary research unit attached to the Institute of Engineering and Systems Sciences (INSIS) and the Institute of Information Sciences and their Interactions (INS2I).

In order to anticipate the major interdisciplinary challenges posed by emerging and future systems and services, LAAS-CNRS has identified application axes based on the disciplinary fields that have been the hallmark of the laboratory since its creation: computer science, robotics, automation and micro and nano systems.

The research conducted at LAAS requires powerful experimental and technological resources. These resources are pooled around 5 technological platforms in constant evolution.

Through its Micro and Nanotechnology Platform and its Characterization Platform, LAAS-CNRS specializes in, among other things, the elaboration, shaping, and characterization of thin-film materials for scientific research on advanced materials and micro- and nano-components, and their manufacturing processes.

Member of the French national network, RENATECH. Network of major technology centers, in the field of micro and nanotechnology, LAAS-CNRS is a recognized player, in France, as well as internationally.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field, LAAS-CNRS has developed a recognized know-how on molecular beam epitaxy of III-V semiconductor materials and devices, with a specific approach focused on characterization methods of deposits during their growth. Thus, the LAAS-CNRS has developed around these research topics, innovative techniques and tools, dedicated to the measurement and real-time in-situ control of key parameters.