The EpiCentre Project

EpiCentre is developing a technological innovation strategy in the field of MBE based on the real-time measurement and analysis of key parameters of epitaxial growth, and to develop a solution dedicated to the growth of superconducting materials at cryogenic temperatures.

These innovations are aimed at two key areas of development for the MBE community.

The first axis focuses on innovative and structuring works to allow an ultimate control on epitaxy processes of complex components, such as VCSELs and multi-junction solar cells

The aim of this line of work is to develop a set of complementary in-situ measurement tools, automated and controlling in real time the growth parameters, to reduce the multiple drifts related to this complex process and thus to increase the production yield and decrease the cost per wafer. 

The second axis aims to develop new technological channels via new materials in the field of quantum computers.

This collaboration will result in a unique epitaxy equipment allowing the realization of complex III-V structures and new superconducting materials. This fully automated UHV equipment, composed of several complementary deposition chambers, will be compatible with growths taking place at high temperature, 700°C, and growths taking place at very low temperature, -150°C. The whole equipment will be equipped with instruments for in-situ monitoring and control, in real time, of all the growth parameters and the characteristics of the structures during the epitaxy. For each sample, all the parameters from the monitoring instruments, as well as the analyses carried out ex-situ, will be recorded in a database which constitutes the initial building block for machine learning.